Audi Carbon Fiber iPhone 14 / 15 / 13 hardcase AU-TPUPCIP14-R8/D2-BK


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Unique phone case branded by the esteemed German automotive brand - AUDI. This extraordinary accessory not only provides protection for your phone, but also emphasizes your unique style and attachment to the automotive giant.

The core of the collection consists of durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which is resistant to damage and simultaneously reinforces the sides and back of the device. The case is covered with a carbon fiber pattern, which gives it a fashionable, modern, and luxurious look that you are familiar with from the finishing of luxury vehicle upholstery. The covers are perfectly finished, with attention to even the smallest detail, making the case look exceptionally exclusive.

Mounting the case on the phone is incredibly easy, and the case itself is thin enough not to significantly bulk up the device and does not affect its use. Cases from this collection have all the necessary cutouts for ports and interfaces, and also have integrated covers for the buttons located on the side of the phone. The gently raised edges of the case protect the screen and camera lens from scratching or cracking.

This phone case is a combination of style, quality, and functionality, which will surely satisfy even the most demanding users. Stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and enjoy the protection of your phone in the highest style. Audi - a brand that symbolizes the excellence of German engineering, now accompanies you as a reliable accessory for your phone.

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