Case for Lacoste LCHC13XSHI iPhone 13 Pro Max / pink hardcase Silicone Head Crocodile


Sale price€23,95 EUR Regular price€49,95 EUR


A passion for play, innovation and a certain form of French chic are the values that guide the Lacoste brand.
Stylish Lacoste case, quality you can feel in every detail. A very meticulously designed case, made of flexible silicone, with a microfiber lining inside. The microfiber lining effectively protects the iPhone, and the perfectly smooth and soft-to-touch silicone makes the phone feel great in the hand. The Silicone collection is characterized by durability, aesthetics and a perfect balance between minimalism and functionality.
The case is signed with the bold and expressive Lacoste crocodile logo, which is synonymous with quality, comfort and style.

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