Lacoste LCHCP14XSHK iPhone 14 Pro Max black hardcase Silicone Head Crocodile

LacosteSKU: LAC000052

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The exclusive Silicone Head Crocodile collection is a unique series of cases that will always make you look stylish. The passion for the game, innovation and a certain form of French chic are the values ​​that guide the Lacoste brand. This is quality that can be felt in every detail.

The case is made very carefully, using flexible, high-quality silicone for its production, while the inside is lined with soft microfiber. The microfiber lining effectively protects the iPhone and the delicate silicone makes the phone fit perfectly in the hand. The Silicone collection is characterized by durability, aesthetics and a perfect balance between style and functionality.

The case will perfectly emphasize the unique design of your iPhone thanks to the bold and expressive Lacoste logo with a crocodile, which is synonymous with quality, comfort and style.

- Stylish protective case guarantees the safety of the device against scratches and impacts

- It has been designed to protect the device and provide it with an elegant look
- Precise fit to the device

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