Guess GUHMN61PSAHMCP iPhone 11 / Xr pink hardcase Saffiano MagSafe


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A luxurious iPhone case with a unique design, designed in cooperation with the renowned Guess fashion house, is an excellent choice for lovers of modern accessories. It is an indispensable complement to the wardrobe for people who value style and prestige, who want to look classy while ensuring comprehensive protection for their smartphone.

This elegant case not only emphasizes the user's sophistication, but above all guarantees the safety of the device against accidental damage and shocks. Thanks to carefully matched dimensions, the case effectively absorbs possible falls, while maintaining full access to ports and buttons, regardless of the circumstances. The innovative design of the case is based on durable polyurethane, which not only ensures resistance to everyday wear, but also maintains its aesthetics intact for a long period of time.

The uniqueness of the collection is emphasized by the delicate texture of Saffiano ecological leather, adding elegance and subtle charm. A unique element is the Guess logo patch sewn on the case, distinguished by its golden color, emphasizing the exclusive character of the collection and confirming its authenticity and the highest quality.

Compatible with MagSafe technology
Noteworthy is the extremely practical magnetic ring, compatible with MagSafe technology, placed on the case. Thanks to it, you can charge the device wirelessly and quickly, ensuring everyday convenience and functionality. It is not only an accessory, but also an expression of personal style and care for protecting your valuable smartphone.

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