Guess GUHMP13XH4STW iPhone 13 Pro Max /brown hardcase 4G MagSafe


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The chic case from the 4G MagSafe collection features an exclusive, globally recognizable 4G pattern. 4G elements are an inseparable, characteristic motif present in many ways in various collections of the renowned fashion house, which is also a confirmation of the highest quality of the products they produce on markets around the world. A characteristic feature of the Guess concept is the balance between the latest fashion trends and classic style, while maintaining the elegant character of its designs. The use of gold accessories in the form of a frame around the camera and the emblem of the Guess fashion house added an elite dimension to the entire case.

The case is available in several fashionable colors, which will allow you to choose the one that will best suit your iPhone and will become its beautiful decoration.

The cover from the 4G MagSafe collection combines exclusive design with the highest quality of workmanship. The product is made of durable materials - a combination of strong and hard polycarbonate (back) and flexible TPU silicone (sides) - which safely surrounds the device, adhering perfectly to it. The slightly raised edges of the case around the screen protect it against scratches and scratches, while the edge around the camera lens protects the optics against damage. The case fits perfectly and has all button covers and port cutouts.

The cases are equipped with a magnetic ring compatible with the MagSafe wireless charger, ensuring quick and easy charging. The magnets built into the covers fit perfectly to the user's phone and ensure that the iPhone sticks firmly to the MagSafe charger. The magnetic ring perfectly matches the colors of the cover.

The combination of all these features gives an excellent proposition for anyone who expects from a case for their iPhone not only functionality and high quality, but above all wants the phone to become an exclusive addition to everyday outfits.

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