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Exclusive case dedicated to the iPhone, with a unique design created in collaboration with the renowned fashion house Guess. It's the perfect choice for enthusiasts of modern accessories. An indispensable addition to the wardrobe for those who value style and prestige, while also wanting to present themselves with elegance and provide comprehensive protection for their smartphone.

This elegant cover not only accentuates the user's sophistication but, more importantly, ensures the device's safety against accidental damage and shocks. Thanks to carefully tailored dimensions, the case effectively cushions potential falls while maintaining full access to ports and buttons, regardless of circumstances. The innovative case design is based on durable polyurethane, which not only offers resistance to daily wear and tear but also retains its pristine aesthetics over a long period of time.

The distinctiveness of this collection is underscored by delicate eco-leather, adding elegance and subtle charm. The unique character is embodied by the high-quality 4G print applied to the eco-leather, endowing it with style and elegance. Complementing this refined collection is the emblem on the case featuring the Guess logo in its characteristic triangular shape, adorned with crystals. This emblem stands out against the entire design, highlighting its exclusive character.

The case comes with a practical strap that allows you to provide additional protection for your smartphone against damage or loss. It also offers the possibility to keep your phone conveniently close to you at all times. This accessory ensures significant convenience and comfort while using the phone. The strap is very easy to attach – simply insert a special insert with a hook between the protective case and the smartphone. The adapter's end, finished with a carabiner, emerges through the charging port opening, without disrupting its functionality. It's fully compatible with wireless charging. The attached carabiner enables quick detachment of the strap from the phone. The strap is adjustable in length and can be worn attached to a bag, wrapped around the wrist, or slung across the shoulder.

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