Karl Lagerfeld KLHCN61SMHCNPK iPhone 11 / Xr black hardcase Silicone C Metal Pin


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The latest Silicone Choupette Metal Pin collection is dedicated to those who appreciate sophisticated accessories and seek an equally refined cover for their iPhone. This unique series catches the eye with a large metal patch, which not only adds a luxurious character to the collection but also expresses the unique style of its owner. These covers are not only a way to protect the device from unwanted damage but also a manifestation of exquisite elegance.

High-Quality Materials

Each cover in the collection has been designed and crafted with great care. The back is reinforced with a rigid plate that strengthens the rear part of the phone against damage. The outer part of the cover is covered with soft silicone, which ensures a firm grip on the phone, and the user does not have to worry about the phone accidentally slipping out.

Distinctive Patch

The collection of protective cases is adorned with a large three-dimensional metal patch featuring the image of the designer's beloved cat - the famous Choupette. The ensemble is completed by a metal plate with the Karl Lagerfeld logo, which confirms the excellent quality and authenticity of the products for which this well-known brand is responsible.

Perfectly Fitted to the Phone

The case is designed to fit the device perfectly, so you don't have to worry about the device slipping out of the cover. The collection protects devices from impacts, cushions shocks, and increases the safety of the phone. The covers have slightly raised edges, protecting the screen and camera lens from scratches or breakage. The case is perfectly fitted, with all button covers and ports cut out.

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