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MAGPB10000 is a wireless powerbank with magnetic alignment compatible with the new wireless charging technology of iPhone.

Thanks to the resistant magnets, which align perfectly with those of the smartphone, the powerbank can be magnetically attached to the smartphone in a firm and secure way.

The magnetic alignment is compatible with all iPhone models from the 12 series onwards and it can also be used with all devices with wireless charging, as a standard wireless charger.

MAGPB10000 has a capacity of 10.000 mAh and it charges at a maximum power of 15W.

Equipped with a USB-A output port and a USB-C input/output port, this power bank can also charge your device through the cable.

Thanks to the integrated stand, MAGPB10000 can be used also as a stand for your smartphone.

With a minimalistic and compact design, MAGPB10000 is the perfect power bank to take everywhere with you.

Compatibile with different models of Smartphone: Apple , Samsung , Motorola , Xiaomi, OPPO , Huawei , TCL , Alcatel . Vivo , Realme, Honor.

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