BMW BMA2WMPUCA2 AirPods 1/2 cover black Carbon Double Metal Logo


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The exclusive BMW case from the Carbon Double Metal Logo collection is characterized by durability and dynamic energy. The delicate material and stylish details give your AirPods an elegant look and draw attention. The material used in production is durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that the case will protect your AirPods for a long time.
The cover protects the charging station of Apple AirPods wireless earphones from surface damage and possible loss. The cover fits perfectly with the original AirPods case, and the highest quality material ensures a long-lasting impeccable appearance. On the side of the cover, there is a practical ring that allows you to attach the case, for example, to a lanyard.

The case is adorned with two small metal emblems - logos of the Bavarian automotive company and the M Performance package. These embellishments are also confirmation of the authenticity and highest quality of the product.

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