Case for AMG AMHCP14XGSEBK iPhone 14 Pro Max black hardcase Leather Debossed Lines


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Mercedes-AMG for all those who love performance. Precise workmanship is an integral part of the brand's image.

The Mercedes-AMG case with smooth, embossed and perforated leather and logo provides the highest comfort of use. The leather casing with the AMG logo gives a classic and elegant look and guarantees the safety of your phone. The exclusive Mercedes-AMG hardcase case is made of a combination of polycarbonate and genuine leather and the edges are made of flexible TPU, which ensures easy installation.

Create your unique style and add the refined aesthetics of the brand to your iPhone.

- Great protection against scratches and dirt

- Slightly raised edges around the screen protect it from scratches

- Flexible and soft TPU sides allow for easy installation

Product manufactured under the Mercedes-Benz license.

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