Case for Lacoste LCHMP14XULOK iPhone 14 Pro Max black hardcase Transparent MagSafe

LacosteSKU: LAC000073

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The latest collection of protective cases signed by the Lacoste brand is a proposal created for people who value minimalist accessories with high functionality. The collection offers the highest quality of workmanship and a fashionable and stylish look.

The Transparent Magsafe collection is created for anyone looking for a unique case to protect their iPhone. The IMD (In-Mould-Decoration) technology was used in the production process of this case. The graphics are hot-stamped and then coated with a delicate layer of TPU, making it resistant to abrasion. The back of the case is made of transparent polycarbonate and the edges are made of flexible polyurethane, which makes it easy to install.

The Transparent MagSafe protective case collection has been decorated with a magnetic ring that allows for easy and fast charging. The ring is integral in color with the color of the case, providing it with an eye-catching look. The magnetic ring is fully compatible with the MagSafe charger providing magnetic charging.

The stylish protective case has been designed to protect the device and provide it with a fashionable look. Precise fit to the device guarantees protection of the smartphone against scratches and impacts. Confirmation of authenticity and excellent quality is the world-famous crocodile logo.

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