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Sterilize your smartphone & accessories! PROSTERILIZER kills up to 99% of bacteria thanks to UV light, keeping your smartphone, smartwatch & accessories safe! Suitable for all kind of smartphones, smartwatch and accessories as earphones, TWS, cables, but also protective masks, gloves etc. You can also use the aromatherapy mode to perfume napkins/masks/gloves (liquid not included). Thanks to the USB port on the back of the sterilizer, you can charge smartphone and accessories (the sterilizer must be connected to a charging source). How does it work?1) Connect ProSterilizer2 through the Type C cable included in the box2) Open the lid and insert your smartphone or accessories3) Close the lid and press the button to start the sterilization process. By clicking once, the sterilization process will last 3 minutes*; if you click twice it will last 10 minutes*. 4) Wait for the sterilization process (3 or 10 minutes), and take your object out of ProSterilizer2 when the light will turn off. 5) Optional: if you want to add a perfume to your object, you can add some drops of perfume in the dedicated tray (it works both for 3 and 10 minutes sterilization process). Once the fragrance has been added, you just have to activate the sterilization and the object inside will be sterilized and perfumed at the same time. Please note: use 4 drops of parfumer/essentail oil (not included in the box)*3 minutes for quick sterilization, 10 minutes for deep sterilizationCompatible with all the smartphone: Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, Wiko, Nokia, Huawei, Honor, Alcatel, Asus, Sony and more others.

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